Friday 3 February 2017

Dresden Files: The Death of The Dragon, Session 1: Accidental Soulgaze

The Death of the Dragon
It's 1998 in Vegas, and the mysterious shadow-broker and balance in the city, the Dragon, has passed on. Various powers jockey to claim his legacy and his power, and among them, an unlikely alliance:

Agent Able - An aging Federal Agent employed by a black-budget agency.
Erwin - Hobo.
Max -- Black tux, with a glittery collar. Huge top hat. Rose in his breast pocket, white gloves. Clean-cut, square jaw. Dark hair, pencil moustache. Subtlety isn't Max's middle name, obviously.
Dana - Slight-looking civilian, mousey brown hair. Eyes darting all over. She's holding her hand like it's used to holding a pencil. I'm not sure why she's here, but that'll come later.
Pams - Looks like a gangly librarian. Dark hair with the Bride of Frankenstein streak. Glasses. Babyfaced dude.

Vegas, October 11th, 1998 - 12:30pm

Agent Able was ordered to check in on the Canals, a casino with a heavy Vinetian theme that's neutral ground both for mortals and otherwise, thanks to Charon, ferryman of the dead.
Outside, a dirty hobo is wearing a sandwich board, and screaming about how the End is Nigh. Not common, but not unusual either.
Able staked the building out for a few hours beforehand; he saw a few power hitters going in. Summer Court delegate, Winter Court delegate, Wild Fae delegate, Fortunato; and Big Cory, head of the White Court.
Upon entering the building, we receive a vision from Charon, informing us that this is his home, and that we're here for a job. We need to respect the other members of the team in the wake of the entity known as "The Dragon", who has recently passed on.
Able heads to the conference room, meeting the rest of the party. The power players are here already.
A man with a briefcase enters, and sits down at the head of the table, calling the conference to order without a word.
"With my recent departure from the land of the living, I require a successor. The one who can find and claim my inheritance shall become my successor. The inheritance will be found in this briefcase."
The Dragon vanishes.
The Fae don't look surprised. Nor is Big Cory.
The hobo from outside, and a Follower of Ishter walk in.
"Obviously I've missed something," the hobo says. He holds himself in an alert manner; he's obviously not just a bum. Able's quietly thankful his error of judgement has gone unnoticed.
Fortunato breaks the silence by laughing loudly.
"Did I miss something here?" the hobo asks.
Fortunato nods. "I believe you just missed your chance at immortality, my friend."
"Immortality's overrated," Max says.
"I imagine it is," the hobo says sadly.
"With the Dragon dead, he has left us a game to find a successor," Fortunato said.
"Well, I know you lot always enjoy your games," Edwin said, "But I'm not sure why I'm supposed to be involved."
"Well, you're looking for a briefcase."
"What's wrong with briefcases?" Able asked.
Fortunato began to laugh again. The Winter Court looked bothered by it, but didn't say anything.
The Summer representative stood up, and began to leave.
Max stood up and intercepted them. "I believe we have not met," he said, bowing. "The name is Maxmillian."
The Summer Delegate, Rihanna, grudgingly showed politeness and shook Max's hand.
Max attempts to stall Rihanna with small talk, but to no avail.
"You look normal," Pams said to Able.
"I am quite possibly the most normal person in this room, unless anyone would care to challenge me on that?"
Fortunato and Edwin laugh.
"How about you and me team up?" Pams continued with his town pitch. "Split it 60/40, because I'll be doing the heavy lifting?"
"How about 60/40 in favor of the United States Government?" Able countered. "But sure, your cooperation would be appreciated."
The Winter Delegate is grimacing. The whole situation seems entirely not in her favor. The Hobo makes eye contact with her and she leaves.
He takes her seat.
Max asks Fortunato what he finds so funny.
"It's turned out to be quite the joke!"
Fortunato had a bet going with the Court Delegates that one of them could not participate. And Winter lost.
"The dragon is dead," Edwin whispers. "The Dragon is dead."
"Uh, we know the Dragon is dead," Max said. "You don't need to remind us."
Edwin tips over his bell on the table with a *clunk* while making pointed eye contact with Max.
Max averts his gaze as quickly as possible... but not quick enough, and shivers. I've heard of this trick, he must have seen some shit.
Max takes his hat off, dabs his brow, and reaches over to set the bell back upright.

Fortunato shifts into a business gear and approaches the party.
Fortunato has offered Pams ten times his debt to look for the case on behalf of the Wild Fae. In writing, even.
Pams is clearly hard-up for cash and is keen to accept.
Fortunato offers Dana unlimited access to information in exchange for three favors. She accepts.
Fortunato offers Max the Greatest Stage in the World. He accepts.
Fortunato turns to Able, but Able declines the offer. Fortunato has nothing to offer him except sweet dreams, and Able is loyal to his mission. Fortunato respects his dedication.
Fortunato turns to Edwin. "Your team is assembled."
"My team?"
"Yes. This is the debt repaid, and the extent that you will receive from me."
"Could be worse."
Edwin is to recover the case and return it to his masters, returning early.
"The Inheritor will be whoever Edwin serves," Able muttered.
"Who says I serve anyone?"
"I know a man who serves another when I see him."
Able's pager goes off, and he excuses himself to find a pay phone. Edwin looks slightly smug.
Change of orders. Able's to retrieve the case for a third party. Able expresses doubt at the orders, but accepts them, and hangs up.
He returns to the conference room.
"Man who serves another man, huh?" Edwin asked.
"It does take one to know one."
Edwin discusses the plan with Fortunato.
"I don't have a choice in this matter, do I?" he asked.
"No, you don't."
We finish up and start to leave the casino. Those with magic feel like the world is less... bright.
Edwin turns to the rest of the team.
"What our friend Fortunato did not tell you, is that investigation is not exactly my forte," Edwin says. "But seeing as we have such a talented investigator..."
Able throws a dossier onto the table. The Dragon. Some intel on the Dragon. Business dealings, etc. His case is a leather attache case with a clasp bearing an Octogram.
"It's good that the dragon turned out to be human," Able said. "Otherwise this dossier would have been totally useless."
The party discusses their plan of attack; the intel posits three potential places to begin our search.

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