Sunday 28 May 2017

Carrion Crown, Session 42: Blame Aquaman

Carrion Crown, as told by Inquisitor Victoria van Helm.

Esteemed Witch Hunter Coim,

13th of Desnus, 4713. The day we were chased by a giant fish-lady. We attempted to escape into the woods. Hecathia dazzles it to buy us time, and reveals that it is a rather feminine aquatic giant. We learn it speaks Aquan, but the creature knew the lay of the land better than us, and we can't escape.

Before it could do anything horrible to us, Hecathia engages it in talk, and manages to convince it we're allies. I hear the name Dagon, and disguise myself and one of his cultists. This confuses the giant, but she accepts it and leads us back to the run-down mansion.

There, she leads us through a stable, where Ronan cares for the poor condition horse stabled there before being ushered on. We enter the central portion of the mansion, a room lined with tall, crude stones around a central altar-like stone. It looks like the perfect place to hide a magic circle -- inside of a mansion!

The giant urges us upstairs. It would escort us directly, but the stairs will literally not support her weight. As we begin to ascend, we hear the distant cry of a baby. Ronan wants to destroy this place, and so do I.

At the top of the stairs, we enter a shuttered room and find a robed man wearing a gold crown and carrying a trident. Hecathia tries to engage him with Aquan to no effect, and apologizes in Common. I ask if he's here to see Father as well. He *is* Father, and I apologize, grovelling properly.

While grovelling, I prepare a grenade under myself. Hecathia makes me drop it as I'm about to lob it, and Lucia kicks it to the feet of Father. I decide to immediately exit out the window. Hecathia tries to send the grenade after me, but it goes off.

I land outside, and check out the nearest building. Inside are two cultists, one like Father but with a silver crown, and one dressed like the cultist I'm disguised as. They're holding a baby, presumably the one the parents gave up. As I think about how to infiltrate and take the baby, I'm headbutted by the decapitated head of Father.

I put the head down next to the wall as I hear the giant approach, and enter the room. I tell the cultists it's time, and Father has sent me for the sacrifice. They buy it, and give me the baby, leaving me to exit on my own. I hide ASAP and evade the giant as it almost spots me.

I return to the entrance where we met the horse, and retrace my steps back to the central room. I meet Lucia coming down the stairs, and presume they were victorious. I head upstairs to Ronan and inform him there are two

We find a bundle in the Attic, containing the Book of Abstruse Geometries.

We turn the baby over to Murrikar; he will deliver the baby to Hecathia's mother in Kalithas who will care for it -- until we arrive, or on a more permanent basis.

Glory to Pharasma,

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