Sunday 19 November 2017

Carrion Crown, Session 49: Cabin in the Woods

Carrion Crown, as told by Inquisitor Victoria van Helm.

Dear Inquisitor Coim,

After beatng the spider thing, we explored the nearby graveyard.

It was a barren place, ancient. The tombstones were more rounded, smooth lumps of stone. There was a hillock in the middle, and a stone archway marking a staircase down.

We ventured forth, and found it sloped downward, the air growing damper with every step. We eventually came to a wide chamber, where the ground becomes slippery, as if coated with slime.

Ahead of us, we heard the pitter-patter of trotters on stone. And out of nowhere, a bronze kobold riding a large pig galloped out of the darkness, pig and rider squealing alike as they were chased by something large, slimy and terrifying -- Barrow Slugs. In the main chamber, one dropped down from above to confront us.

Lucia charged in, and in typical fashion, ripped into one of the slugs. Ronan does his thing, and I swooped in to finish it off.

The kobold stood and fought the other slug, holding it at bay for long enough for Lucia and the rest of us to get stuck in for a swift victory.

The Kobold introduced himself. His name is long and unreasonable, so he advised to just call him Hazzard. He is short, and his pig is imaginatively named "Squealer".

Hecathia looks for treasure, among other things. The floor of the chamber is covered in slime and partially-dissolved items. So, too, are the walls, and a lot of detail on the ceiling. But she found the ceiling covered in strange carvings, filled with metal to make them more indellible -- the source of the magic we detected in the first place. They can't remain, so she set magic hatchets to work cutting away at the inside of the hill to collapse it.

Our job done, we returned to the cottage with our new friend; Hazzard was headed for Kalathas as well, coincidentally, and we were glad to have another travelling companion.

We reached the outskirts of Kalathas; upon a bridge, we were met by a headless rider. To our surprise, he greeted us, and asked for our names, which we gave.

He demanded that we stop interfering with the business of the Whispering Way, and hand over the Ravenshead. Hecathia asked what the hell a ravenshead is.

The headless rider answered: "Well, Hecathia-"

Lucia chimed in. "Oh my god, how does he know your name?!"

The rider confirmed the Ravenshead was the mace we found, and wanted us to hand it over. I stepped forward, and said we couldn't, we need to deliver it to Lord Bofa. Bofa Deez Nutz. Per our church's tradition, I invited the undead bastard to bring it.

The fight began. Hazzard challenged the headless rider to a 1v1. The rider gives him a ride-by, and hits him before darting very far away -- I underestimate the threat of mounted cavalry, time and time again. The rider whistled, and big wolves appear -- aside from being possibly dire, they also appeared to be somewhat dead and ghoulish.

The ghoul wolves howl and rush us; I must shamefully report that I fell over, mauled by one, and spent the fight getting pushed over.

By the time I got up, all the ghouls were dead; the rider was lining up for a second pass, and we stood ready for part two of the fight.

Glory to Pharasma,

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