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Necessary Evil (2017-2018)

I was in charge of running a campaign of Necessary Evil for the group, with the gang eventually becoming:

Marshal Lawless - Old western hero turned undead, turned supervillain. (Featured: Episode 0)
Warhead - A hulking, butt-ugly mountain of a man who glows faintly. Occasionally mutters to himself about lizard people and a hollow earth. (Featured: Full Season)
Wattlad - A young, cocky brit with a confident swagger. And electrical powers. Notorious bleach huffer and dealer, thief of kids tricycles, and unfortunately the butt of a lot of jokes (Featured: Full Season)
Artemis - A mercenary for hire with god-awful luck, a phobia of wet footwear, a deep and abiding love for birds, and a jetpack. (Featured: Full Season; the mercenary formerly known as Roux)
Torment - Missing an arm, but otherwise pretty normal -- almost like an accountant. Also really into the slap and tickle. He eventually regained his arm with the help of The Futurist. (Featured: Full Season)
The Futurist - An atlantean mad scientist with a wife and child, Evany. (Featured: Episode 1-12; retired to explore Atlantis with his daughter.)
Spedro - The world's fastest latino actor; under the impression that he was in heroic company.. (Featured: Episode 12-14)
Triton - An atlantean with a monkey tail. (Guest Star: Episode 3)

For those unfamiliar, Necessary Evil is a Savage Worlds campaign where supervillains (or unpopular heroes) are the last line of resistance against alien invaders named the V'Sori.

Necesssary Evil began airing in early October 2017, and ended in 2018. A full list of episodes for Season One of Necessary Evil:

00: A Necessary Team
01: Jail Break
02: The Underground Irregulars
03: Captain Clone's Legacy (Two-part special)
04: A Necessary Christmas Special
05: A Necessary Radiant Quest
06: The First Family
07: The Hanged Man
08: Crossbreeds
09: Blood Money
10: Raiders of the Lost Temple
11: Turncoat
12: Daddy, I Shrunk the Villains (Alternate name: In The Garden of Dr. Devolution)
13: Omega Strikes Back
14: A Necessary Showdown
14, pt 2: Necessary Heroes

Highlights that I managed to record:

"His nipples look like Spurdo"

"I'm fine. My syphilis isn't acting up today." - Warhead, 2017

"Oh baby, a tumor" - Wattlad

Between episodes one and two, the team was:

- Warhead has been aggressively and actively maintaining a 500m proximity to hospitals
- The Futurist has been looking afer his family
- Wattlad has been selling the "drugs" obtained from the prison camp (bleach)
- Artemis has been aggressively dabbing on top of rooftops
- Torment has been cashing in on the dole for having only one arm, and driving his Reliant Robin

The team also decided on a name at this time: The Best That Could Be Expected Given The Circumstances (Team TBTCBEGTC) -- or Team Buckets.

In the labs of Colonel Clone, they encountered clones of:

The Speedster -- world renowned actor Bukkake Splish'n'Splash, AKA Mr Dart.
The Stretch -- World renowned actor Jeff Goldblum, AKA The Rubber.

They also had to fight approximately twenty seven assorted clones, all defective and special in their own ways, including:

  • Naked martial-arts master Captain Clone
  • 4 90's Leisure Suit Captain Clones
  • Jeff Goldblum in a sentai pose
  • Four captain clones in womens' bikinis. (Luckily, their mutation is a perpetual mosaic over their groins, making this adventure safe for a Christian manga.)
  • Four Captain Clones painted to look like the wall
  • Captain Clone stuck to the ceiling
  • Four Captain Clones in stars-and-stripes spandex, driving Mazingolfer Z.
They also found a clone of Torment from before he lost his arm, or as he knew himself, Dr Egon Payne. And unlike the others, he was not an evil clone. Alas, he was killed as he tried to leave the lab by a homeless man -- it seems fate will not permit two to live.

Warhead's signature move for the episode was the Cancer Dropkick -- proof of his evil villainy, he stole this move from Captain Cancer, who is certainly not him by another name.

Synopsis: Necessary Evil: A Necessary Christmas

It's Christmas in Star City, and there's a certain something missing... supervillains all throughout the world, in this holiday season, feel a sense of loss.

Normally, everyone would be competing at the black market to buy laser death rays to shoot down Santa, or stealing uranium for very small ICBMs disguised as chrismas trees in an exciting, but ultimately futile attempt to ruin Christmas for everyone... but at the end of the day, there's not really any challenge or fun in it if there's no heroes to oppose you, is there?

Sure, there's the V'Sori, but they care more about the fact that you've got a WMD, rather than that you're going to ruin a holiday for millions -- it's just not the same. And with no Alpha Force, or Champion, it seems like those dastardly plots of yesteryear will never make a return...

Or will they? Dr. Destruction thinks it's time to send the world a message, that the V'Sori haven't won. And the best way to do that is to have a traditional Megalomaniacal Holiday Scheme, and show those alien bastards that they're so inferior, they don't rate the top of the priority list, even now.

For this purpose, somewhere in Star City, another Omega cell will carry out a traditional Holiday Scheme. And on this, the night before Christmas, it will be up to Team Bucket to become The Champion and the Alpha Force, and ruin it in the nick of time.

What's that in the air? Smells like... Christmas.

This episode guest-starred Gorilla Nod, half-gorilla, half-scorpion mutant mastermind, and his revolver-toting Chimpanzee henchmen. Team Buckets adopted the following roles:

Warhead as The Champion -- 'nuff said.
Wattlad as Giant -- Like Cyclops, but taller, and has goggles instead of a visor
Triton as Lionsgate -- He could climb things, and was reasonably fast.
Torment as Halcyon -- With the power of violent flashbacks to yesteryear
The Futurist as Night-Man -- All allegations of rape are unfounded and without evidence. Known for his trademark gadget collection, the "Swell Belt".
Artemis as Fidel Casto -- "God Bless Cuba, Even Though God is a Captialist Construct, I love Communism"

Dr Destruction was a little disappointed that nobody wanted to be The Aquarian.

Wattlad: "I think when he put on the mask, he stopped being the Futurist, and became something else."

Futurist: "Where is-" *clears throat* "WHERE IS THE BANANA"

It's noted that at this time, Warhead gave Gorilla Nod cancer. This was not part of the script.

Synopsis: A Necessary Radiant Quest

There's a settlement in danger, and it needs Team Buckets' help. And by Settlement, I mean the First Bank of Star City, and the danger is that they have too much money.

This episode guest-starred The Futurist's daughter, Evany, and an excessive amount of Friendship delivered in .357 caliber.

This episode also guest-starred Al Capone; this would be the last time that Al Capone would be seen as the world remembered him. Some time after this, he would discover Japan and anime culture, becoming Neko Al Capone. (Nya, see?)

The First Family guest-starred Michael Wilson as the President of the Great United States of America.

"You could tie a grenade to a pidgeon!"
"It'll be like Jihad, but for birds"

A biography was planned by Michael Wilson: "From Lounge Suites to Metal Wolf: One Man's Rise to the Presidency"

The team further descended into villainy by counterfeiting IMI's Desert Eagles; Artemis acquired dual Desert Pidgeons.

The Sardine: An E-list supervillain with the powers of smelling rather bad and Wedging.

Willy the Fish proved to be like the father that none of Team Buckets ever had; alas, he sacrificed himself so that they could escape the ambush. This lit a furious fire in the hearts of the team, who could not move on until they had taken revenge.

The Incredible Sulk, a man capable of throwing great tantrums at the drop of a hat

Parallax, the man who was in two, equidistant, never-converging points at once.

The party discussed rogues galleries:

Warhead was Villain of the Week, and has personally had his ass beat by the Champion before.
Wattlad has bumped heads with The Man, Charles Worthington, the Super-Gentleman Spy.
Torment was responsible for killing The Pope. All of them. Even Pontif3x, the Cyberpope.

Jeremiah, The Amish Avenger. "I've never seen a man do so much with a two-by-four."

In Daddy, I Shrunk the Villains:

  • The method of insertion after being shrunk was an incredibly fat, greasy pidgeon named Wide Tony
  • Dr. Devolution's buried lab was guarded by terrifyingly large ants; ants whose sole job was to devour and accumulate trace elements of gold, which they yielded after death, and grew in size when the party unshrank themselves; it yielded an unexpected ten million dollars, a hundredth of which was surprisingly used to start a soup kitchen.

The Necessary Showdown guest starred:

Solid Clone - One of the last "Sons of Captain Clone".
Neko Al Capone
Gorilla Nod & the Comrade Chimps (formerly the Revolver Chimpalots) - Nod went into remission just in time to throw down. The chimps are still looking for Fidel Castro.
Power Armor President Michael Wilson
Wide Tony the Pidgeon - Somehow still larger than everyone else, despite Team Buckets no longer being shrunk.
Warhead's Tank - looted back in Episode 0, and kept in storage for some three years.
Liquid Clone

And finally, the team received help in their fight against the Cyber-Overmind from someone wearing what looks like Dr Destruction's power armor in pink. As the overmind fell, the power-armored individual reveals themselves to be... Pink Pony Princess, AKA Eveny, the Futurist's daughter? She was sent back in time from 12 years in the future, because the world has descended into chaos thanks to a power vaccum; without Dr Destruction, The Champion, any of the Alpha Team, or even the V'sori, what's left of Omega, as well as new "heroes" and "villains" have emerged to take Earth for their own.

The team walked into the V'Sori sunset to find a space ship.

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