Saturday, 1 August 2020

Rogue Trader, Season 3: Coming in from the Cold (Epilogue)

 Rumors of my death have been... greatly exaggerated.

The Lord-Captain, freshly cleaned twice and back in his usual finery, is interrupted by a warning about Wash's hospitalization. As he rushes to the medicae bay to see what's going on, he learns the depth of Wash's brain problems. He tries to summon Sebastian and Winter, but only gets static from Winter. Sebastian knows why; an explosion near the barracks.

He makes haste to the barracks, along with Abigail, and sees the results of our fight; a large scorch mark where the grenade went off, and no small amount of blood splattered everywhere. The dent in the bulkhead. And me in the middle of the scorch-mark, unconcious. But for all intents and purposes, perfectly healthy.

The next thing I know, the Lord-Captain has slapped me awake. I sit up, and I'm... whole. In my pocket is a paper note that crinkles. I pull it out, and it's a neatly folded paper that just reads:

You owe me.

I curse him, and crush it in my fist. I put out an APB on him via Sebastian. Dead, not alive.

The Lord-Captain notices the locked barracks, and demands them to stop being closed, despite my recommendations otherwise. They open up, and the room inside is quite red. A train of murder-servitors sheepishly roll past him and out of the door, covered in gore and not meeting his eye. The Lord-Captain gives me a look.

I said I was tying up loose ends. I had it under control. Except for Niall.

The Lord-Captain informs me my revenge hunt can wait. Wash has brain problems, and my talents for getting inside people's heads are needed. We can talk about this at a later time.

I'm taken to the medicae bay where I see Wash on the bed. I put my hands around his head, and linking the Lord Captain and Abigail to me, dive in.

What dreams of madness await us inside the head of Archaius Wash?

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