Sunday 2 July 2017

Carrion Crown, Session 44: His Name a Jeff

Carrion Crown, as told by Inquisitor Victoria van Helm.

Esteemed Witch Hunter Coim,

We bask in the glory of our victory against the Scum, and take our pick of their items.

The Scum have masterwork items. The lead Scum has an amulet of natural armor +2, a +1 defending Greataxe, a masterwork heavy steel shield. It explains why and how he was so tough to land a hit on during the fight. (At least, until he was Held, and then coup de grace'd)

We're suddenly joined by... Jeff, the Bard! How did he get here? He's drunk, tied and wet, but he's here. Somehow.

Satisfied he's the real deal, we ask him how the hell he got in here. He doesn't know, but he woke up on a beach that way... so naturally, we go the other way to see what treasure lies that way.

It's a long tunnel, filled with the bones of dead scum. Whatever's at the end is presumably friendly, then!

We emerge into a large, wet chamber. Ahead of us is a strange tangle of metal. I consult the frog globe.

The rest of the party doesn't know what to do with the metal, so I step forward with Hecathia and Lucia to check it out.

Something happens in the chamber - not sure what it is, but only Hecathia is unaffected.

As we approach it, the air seems to warp, like we're standing inside something that doesn't yet exist. It attacks Lucia without mercy, and she responds in kind.

Hecathia tries talking at it -- it doesn't seem to respond at all. Does it even *have* ears?

I figure out how to unpick the knot, and get started.

Hecathia tries communicating with the air again -- this time with a response. It only wants to kill Lucia, for some reason.

I finish unpicking it, and hold it aloft to crow my victory.

Not long after I do, the patch of air rises up, and retreats into the ceiling.

Hecathia explains the thing we were fighting is not of this realm, and beyond our power to kill. It was being bound here by the metal puzzle, and my solving it has set it free to piss off and go home.

We find a matching set of cold-iron rapiers, which Jeff lays claim to. We also find a barnacle-encrusted chest, which holds 880 GP, 665 SP, 2400 CP

After gathering up the treasure, Lucia and Ronan suddenly feel a lot better about themselves and stop suffering from "Ronanitis".

We head back to the chamber with the pit. Hecathia gives some food to the woman in the pit, and manages to talk her into coming with us; we're getting her back to civilization.

We head down the tunnel to the "beach". It's just a tunnel that runs into the water. The rest of the party discusses how they're going to get the catatonic woman through the water. I light up the Frog Globe.

The Globe reveals all shadows to be tentacles ever so briefly, which quickly vanish when the shadows are actually looked at. Only Hecathia and I notice, though.

I dive down and arrive at a fork in the tunnel; I go left, and at the end, appear to find a dead-end. There is a secret door however, and opening it grants me access to... the church in Ilmarsh!

I get a sent message from Hecathia, telling me they found a tunnel back to Ilmarsh -- it appears to be down the other fork. I head to the docks, and meet the party there.

As entertaining and informative as the adventure was, it was also unfortunately not what we really set out to achieve; we're re-equipping in town before we venture forth again.

Glory to Pharasma,

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