Sunday 8 October 2017

Carrion Crown, Session 47: Boss Fog

Carrion Crown, as told by Inquisitor Victoria van Helm.

Dear Inquisitor Coim,

We caught our breath after the fight.

Resuming our investigation, next to what we now know as mulcher are a number of bodies. A couple of scum, and three males and one female corpse, including the mayor. All the human corpses have had the tops of their skulls carefully removed, and the contents emptied.

Lucia wants to feed the leftover bodies through the mulcher. Ronan and Hecathia would prefer if she didn't. They compromise, and let her feed the plant things and scum through.

On the wall, there is a door which we spotted just before the fight. Well, it looks like a door. The stone is unnaturally smooth, and seems like it's been shaped, rather than crafted.

Hecathia also notes that she's getting bad omens about this place; it feels like the veil between planes is thin here, and it's getting weaker by the minute. If we don't do something soon, Bad Things will happen. And the future that the Frog Globe showed me will come to pass.

There's one way out of this room that isn't the one we came in by, so we go through it. It's a long corridor, and time seems to flow strangely here, and I feel much better much quicker than expected.

We reach the end of it, and our way is blocked by a doorway filled with a mysterious, impenetrable fog. On the other side is an octagonal room of steel walls, filled with mind-numbing terror. Strange machines. Steel, bloodstained operating tables. The walls at the base of the dome are transparent, and we can see the murky black water outside. At the apex of the dome is a dark grey orb, moving around a bright orb. Our solar system? Beyond it, the dome is shrouded in darkness and I can't see it.

There are also four more plant-thing vivisectors, two of them manning the tables. And on one of them, an unfortunate soul with things sticking out of him. They fiddle knobs as we enter, and he explodes into some monstrous... thing.

I waste no time, point and declare "BEGONE, THOT." It works, and is cursed.

Lucia busts out a new party trick, and a monstrous fireball erupts from her hand, and flies into the room.

A vivisector flies down and points his globe-thing in our general direction. We're hit by a cone of cold mist, and I feel it. We're now immersed in fog, and can't see shit.

I press on anyway; I dodge around the eviscerator as I try to flank it, only for a massive tentacle to lash out and grab me, yanking me towards the giant creature. It pins me to the ground, and small suckers nibble on me, draining my strength!

Lucia charges in, growing massive, and lays into the enemy before they attempt to do the same to her; she has the devil's luck, though, and nothing seems to be able to touch her!

Ronan and Hecathia emerge from the fog to join the fight proper. I struggle feebly, but can't escape. My strength wanes. I'm in dire straits.

The thing charges towards Lucia, trying to trample her; she stands her ground, laying into the thing.

Ronan obliterates the eviscerator that was spraying us with cold. I keep struggling, and lose a little more strength.

Lucia tears into the creature once more, breaking it's spine and shredding it to tiny little pieces!

Ronan helps me up, and Hecathia restores my strength, before telling us that the place is coming down, and we need to put a hustle on, now.

Lucia tries to loot the table, but is interrupted by the whole place shaking.

Hecathia tries to use the machines lining the walls to try and stave off the collapse of the dome.

I fish a suit of chainmail from the poor bastards' gear, a fine set of shadow mistmail. (Blur)

Ronan gets huge, to try and scoop items into the now enlarged opening of the bag.

Lucia charges forth to clear a path. Hecathia signals Croon to get the sub ready. I run ahead to scout for any foes, and between Lucia and Ronan, they manage to find the sub and get us back to it.

As the sub goes up, we watch the dome implode on itself, corpses washing out of the tunnels. On the surface, Croon even noticed the effects of what we killed; there had been a monstrous squid below him, and suddenly everything dropped as water was displaced.

We search the guy's gear; aside from a number of items, he had a letter from "A.A.", instructions for the guy on the slab to trade a statue stolen from Leppistadt. Clearly, he hasn't completed his job.

But we've got a suspiciously barnacled mace, and the courage to take his place...

The boot's on the other foot now. Onward to Caliphas. Time to put an end to this Carrion Crown.

Glory to Pharasma,

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