Saturday 14 October 2017

Necessary Evil: Prologue: The Fort Kincaid Heist

Necessary Evil is a Savage Worlds campaign where supervillains (or unpopular heroes) are the last line of resistance against alien invaders named the V'Sori.

This campaign is being run by yours truly, starring:

Marshal Lawless - Old western hero turned undead, turned supervillain.
Warhead - A hulking, butt-ugly mountain of a man who glows faintly. Occasionally mutters to himself about lizard people and a hollow earth.
Wattlad - A young, cocky brit with a confident swagger. And electrical powers.
Roux - A mercenary for hire with god-awful luck, a phobia of wet footwear, and a jetpack.
Torment - Missing an arm, but otherwise pretty normal -- almost like an accountant. Also really into the slap and tickle.

It's 2001, and with the K'tharen, or "Fins", recent ravaging of the earth, things are tight all over, but humanity's recent salvation from the webbed hands of the V'sori has not only turned things around for mankind, but produced a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity.

A man named E has come across the inside running of the decade -- in a show of appeciation for the V'sori, a celabratory ceremony is being planned, and most of earth's remaining heroes -- including the Champion and Alpha Force -- will be in attendance.

Of course, life goes on, and the world doesn't stop for a party, no matter how big. And in reality, E has discovered that the recent war with the Fins has left gaps in the military roster, and in the chaos following the attack of the Fins, more than a few critical positions have been propped up with the personnel equivalent of a bluff.

Normally, this paper tiger of security would be supplemented by the world's heroes... but they'll all be busy attending the ceremony. With no immediate backup from the Champion or other major heroes, there's a window of opportunity to do something major to one such supply line.

E has his eyes on Fort Kincaid. The fort is one stop in the journey of a high-security convoy for a rare and precious alien mineral: Argyllium. This strangely-patterned crystal is poorly understood and rare, but filled with power and potential, and normally under extremely high guard.

Even at it's reduced guard, it's a formidable target for one attacker, and so E has put out the word, looking for allies. He's made no secret of what the objective of the day is -- the reward is an equal share of the Argyllium, although E is certainly willing to take as much as he can get in exchange for a cash payout.

E outlines two options: the team can break into a bunker at Fort Kincaid, and extract the Argyllium before dawn, or they can hit the convoy en route -- he leaves the choice to the team. Whatever they pick, E will arrange any hardware or personnel required for the mission.

Fort Kincaid is aware of it's cargo, and has fortified their paper tiger security with mercenaries from Longsword International.

The team opts for the pre-dawn raid on Fort Kincaid, and decides to go in over one of the watchtowers. Wattlad finds the fence to be electric and shorts it out, while Torment goes over the top with a grappel hook, and demonstrates the strength of his pain-inducing touch. Everyone else joins him, and descends into the compound.

As they do, the sentries are alerted by the shorting out of the fence, and send two to check it out. As they get close, Marshal Lawless jumps through a nearby window, causing a commotion. As the sentries are further led to investigate, they run into Warhead who slaps them into the wall and fence for being "Globalists".

Meanwhile, Torment and Wattlad are checking out the electronic keypad locking one of the large hangar buildings. Wattlad shorts it out, deadbolting the door. E steps in, and melts a hole in the door.

Warhead, who was cleaning up his mess, rushes to the second hangar, and primes himself to explode.

Torment, Wattlad and E get their door open, and find eight trucks, parked bumper to bumper and laden with shipping containers. The trucks are locked, but the containers are not, because their contents are individually locked -- the Argyllium.

Warhead detonates, blowing a hole in his door and entering the hangar to find a handful of the usual millitary vehicles... including a modernized M4 Sherman tank.

Warhead asks for keys to drive the tank, and the Marshal kicks the door of the nearest building in, looking for keys. Warhead suggests a desk, and the Marshal finds keys. He grabs them all, and throws them all at Warhead once outside.

Warhead, upset, goes to try all the keys in the tank, hoping to find the right set.

While he's doing that, Marshal Lawless barges out of the admin building he jumped into, just in time to see one of the two sentries following up on their friends. Roux puts an arrow in one at extreme range, while Marshall Lawless quietly shoots the other with a loud revolver.

Torment begins cutting a hole in the roof of the hangar to extract the Argyllium. He finds a acetelyne torch, and with surprising luck, gets it working and up into the rafters to begin cutting.

Outside, the rest of the guards start pouring out of the barracks. Roux takes a shot at one and misses, but Wattlad smokes one and stuns him.

As the guards stack up near the corner of the hangar to attack, Warhead guesses the right key and gets the tank running. They notice the sound of the engine, but not before he ploughs through the wall, crushing them flat.

The rest of the team makes quick work of the three remaining troopers, and hears an incoming helicopter. They think it's their goons coming to extract the Argyllium.

They are wrong. It's the Longsword Emergency Response Team. Warhead makes use of the tank to snipe it at range, but two angry jet-propelled projectiles detatch.

A long time ago, in the 80's, a villain named The Destroyer was rather active. He went missing one day, presumed defeated, but nobody ever figured out what happened to his trademark power armor... until now.

The two power armored mercenaries engage the team. One is immediately eliminated with a pain touch, falling off the edge of the hangar to his death.

The other takes off, and zaps Torment for smoking his buddy, inflicting a wound. Wattlad and Roux engage him in turn, stabbing and electrocuting him to death alternately.

The team grabs their reward, and gets out with the tank in tow, and no sign of the Champion or Alpha Force anywhere.

Whether they check the news or not, they find out by tomorrow why -- both are dead, along with most heroes, thanks to an unforeseen double-cross. Whatever assets they have taken from this adventure will need to go into storage and wait until the aliens are gone, for now the team are all wanted felons for being supers, one and all.

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