Sunday 15 October 2017

Delta Green: Future/Perfect, Ep 2, pt 2

Doctor Kilroy is absolutely not an Agent for an agency that doesn't exist named Delta Green, one of many such phantoms defending the world against things that shouldn't exist.

We watch the medevac chopper soar back into the sky with it's cargo of Zark and Magnus. In order to save enough fuel to get Zark to an appropriate trauma center, one of the paramedics, Jason Simons, has to remain behind. He's dangerously curious about the situation.

I explain an edited version of events -- Zark was an undercover operative infiltrating what we believed to be the ring responsible for the mystery deaths in the area recently. Due to the untimely arrival of Deputy Sherriff Androzy,

Androzy comes to, and asks what the hell he just saw. I lie and explain that it was two guys in an animatronic suit. An armored one, as Androzy opened up on it with no effect.

Androzy recalls the dashcam in his car, and reckons it has footage. We step in to sabotage recovery of the footage, but... Androzy does that on his own.

We return to town, to pick up a flamethrower from Androzy's house. During this, we get a few phonecalls. Magnus calls, and advises Zark will live. Probably. We're also running out of time, as an actual FBI response team is inbound from Bakersfield, about 8 hours out, in response to the EMTs phoning in the shooting of a FBI agent.

We lock and load, and go back to the site to go dinosaur hunting. It's now closer to 4am, and the traces of last night are pretty damn clear. Jason figures out that it weren't no animatronic.

Agent Jacob comes clean. We're hunting genetically modified monsters created by the FDA. Ex-nazi science projects gone wild. Jason and Androzy are on board with it.

We track the dinosaur about two kilometers to a culvert; it's strange, the tunnel is lined with green vegetation... in Death Valley. There's tiny red flowers that are bright, and I suggest not touching them if possible. Jacob notes that they're surrounded by dead bugs. "Don't touch the flowers", he says. That's literally what I just said.

We head in. The water seems to rise and fall, like waves. As Androzy crosses an intersection, and a dinosaur-shaped blur darts across and snatches Androzy away. Agent Emily opens up on the dinosaur, felling it, and Jacob double-taps it, but in our panic, the rest of the team opens up, including myself with the flamethrower.

If Androzy didn't die on first impact, he's certainly dead now.

With a bonfire blocking this tunnel, we press on down the main one. There's been a cave-in of sorts, rebar blocking our way, and I realize we're probably back under the imploded Hunt Electrodynamics. I try to squeeze under it, but slip and severely injure myself.

Moving on, we enter a large dome room. The source of the ticking is a geiger counter hooked up to disposable car batteries. I unhook one of the terminals to shut it up. The plant-life here is thick.

We press on, and find a second, larger dome room. The vegetation here is larger, and the water deeper.

We find a mysterious black stone archway. In it, various places filled with assorted gold cubes, each 6.04cm cubed. There's an empty slot for a cube, much like the one we found in the dead guy's house. The archway proves very difficult to damage or dismantle. The arch is filled with a mysterious fog, and water appears to be pouring out of it.

Jacobs tosses a rock through the portal, and it doesn't hit the other side. Definitely a portal, then. He sticks his head through, and promptly gets sucked in.

Meanwhile, Jason has found a stick with a timable camera on it which could be used to take a picture of what's on the other side. Emily and Jason stick it through and look at the film, but it's just a blurry mess. Almost like they ruined it by looking at it.

Jacob's been gone for like, half an hour by now. He's probably not coming back. We decide to mess with the arch. I predict that removing the cube activated it, so putting it back in turns it back off.

They put the cube back in, and there's a *pop*. I toss a stone through the arch, and it makes a noise, hitting the other side.

Agent Emily tries to call Magnus. Her phone's dead, fried. Not hard to guess how.

They put the cube with another rune facing inwards. The whole chamber begins to shake, and our vision blurs. We see visions of a tunnel. The stone test suggests the portal is still portalling. I stand next to it, and prepare to go through if Agent Jacob does not return in time for a last-minute escape.

Jason and Emily manage to escape the chamber. I watch them go, and enter the portal.


Agent Zark made a recovery, and eventually returned to field duty.

Agent Magnus never really found out what happened to his team, and nobody knows if it really bothered him.

Jason and Agent Emily escaped, but suffered extreme radiation poisoning; they were picked up by DG operatives and taken to a medical facility for debrief. Afterwards, they vanished, never to be seen again. Jason is survived by his son.

Nobody ever found Androzy's corpse. Probably.

Nobody ever found out what happened to Agent Jacob. The portal took us to different times, and further back each time the portal is used, so he's probably several dozen million years ahead of me in the future.

And me? I'm standing in a lush, swampy area. I see vegetation and creatures that haven't been seen on earth for millions of years. I'm stuck in the past, a fossil in training. If my severe radiation poisoning doesn't kill me, myriad diseases and swamp diseases will.

I have my revolver, a spare bullet, and am looking for somewhere dry and safe to leave what I hope is an interesting corpse.

And on the wall, I will leave my legacy. A chariacture with a large nose, poking over a wall.

Kilroy Was Here.

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